Built to perform, 
engineered to last. 
By pros, for pros.

Standard Series

These are the best-selling garbage disposals in the world. We call them standard, but you can count of them delivering beyond their pay grade. People looking for a reliable tool to help with simple kitchen cleanup – and one that’s value priced to fit most budgets – turn to InSinkErator Standard Series.

Standard Series

You put your reputation on the line with every garbage disposal you recommend or install. Protect that hard-earned reputation by selecting from an exclusive line of hardworking InSinkErator® disposals, which are designed and built to give you an edge through long-term performance and customer satisfaction.

Contractor Family

Contractor Series

The name says it all: Contractor Series garbage disposals are built strong and tough, just like the professionals who install them. These garbage disposals – which are only available through professional plumbing channels – are built with extra power to help them go the extra mile. Or the extra meal.

PRO Series

PRO Series®

It’s as simple as this: PRO Series garbage disposals grind the most difficult types of food waste and make the least amount of noise. No matter how hard these pro-exclusive units are asked to work, they barely make any sound. Advanced grind technology and stainless-steel components – all backed by the industry’s longest warranties – ensure reliable and long-term performance.

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Contractor 333
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Septic Assist

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